Become a Mother

Becoming a mother is a big step whether it is through a natural process or an assisted process. It is a physical and emotional journey for the mother. Despite the availability of our hi-end assisted measures, if you are physically not in a condition to begin your journey to motherhood on your own, we have the means to still help you create your family. We have in our bank surrogate mothers who often come forward to donate eggs or become surrogates.

We completely understand the emotional aspects involved in choosing an egg donor and are completely and compassionate to your needs and choices. Our team will, the utmost concern and knowledge guide you through the process of choosing an egg donor in your own time. We create an environment where you will feel free to discuss your fears and concerns. We let you make your decision after discussion with our doctors and an exhaustive presentation of our database of egg donors. You can draw from a matrix of different educational backgrounds, religious backgrounds, ethnicities, geographic regions, etc. We will intervene only to help you understand the science behind it.

Our goal is to make your journey to motherhood as happy, stress-free and satisfactory as possible. And we will stop at nothing to make it happen.


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Children are sheer joy. They make the world a better place with their innocence and smile. But there are many couples and individuals who are unable to completely receive this joy due to medical concerns in conceiving or due to their personal choices such as being single and have thus far been denied the pure joy of raising a child. It is to these individuals Chennai Fertility Center has been an umbrella of comfort.