Surrogacy is one of the most common Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs). It aims at assisting the increasing number of infertile couples who wish to set up a family by giving birth to a child. Surrogate is a woman who agrees to carry/gestate a child through artificial insemination with the father's sperm and then surrenders the child to the intended parents after delivery.

CFC plays a significant role in :

(i) Identifying the best surrogates.

(ii) Educating the surrogates in detail in order to avoid any complications.

(iii) Verifying the information provided by the surrogate.

(iv) Evaluating the the physical and psychological condition of the woman considered for the surrogate programme.

(v) Evaluatiing the Hormonal and fertility health of the patient.

(vi) Advising the surrogates of the mandatory legal proceedings before entering into a contract with the intended parents


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Children are sheer joy. They make the world a better place with their innocence and smile. But there are many couples and individuals who are unable to completely receive this joy due to medical concerns in conceiving or due to their personal choices such as being single and have thus far been denied the pure joy of raising a child. It is to these individuals Chennai Fertility Center has been an umbrella of comfort.